The Worst Thing To Do Is – To Shit On Your Day

The Worst Thing To Do Is – To Not Do Shit – Day 2

January 11,2017
People of actions has power. Changes and action is making changes in people life, heads and wallets. It’s important to work and make progress. Without progress you have nothing. You gotta make progress in relationship, in the gym, in your marriage, even in your bed. Its important to move forward and get more power everyday, than you can control your life and people’s life. People will start to respect you. Stagnation can kill you, if you sit in front of the TV whole month, sooner or later you will be sick. You gotta move your blood stream in you veins and LIVE!!!

a) 14 hours of no smoking
b) coffee 1 cup
c) no sugar

May 5th, 2017
After 4 months of struggling with getting in shape, not smoking and trying to fina a girldfriend let’s sumerrizing everything

1. I quit smoking for 1 month, I went back again.
2. For 45 months piest I was hitting gym 6 times per week (lost 10lbs, got in really good shape, friends were amazded, cut weight to 165lbs which gives me pefect BMI.
3. I didn’t drink any alcohol for 45 days (I drunk only on 2 christenings)
4. last weeek was worst, I drank too much whosky helping my buddy with moving (kinda business meeting). I ate some icreaems and eat a lot of junk and 0 protein.

Today is my first Day of Detox and not smoking again, I met this gur again, I need to be in shape when I meet her again. She is really slow with phoe calls and texting. We never talk on the phone. My Ex got pregnat, I did lose all hope there. The most stupid thing is that we are not together bc of small missunderstanding, I needed time so I told her to leve me alon for few days. This is how started.

My plan is for a next month
a) no sugar
b) every day crucifix veggies (Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage.) to get rid of estrogen and make my face not taht swollen
c) 4-5 times green smoothies per week
d) no smokes, no cigarettes (I’m coughing every day and I feel pain when I smoke, also loosing hair and cannot breath with my nose, I have a headache (prob bc of sugar, pizza, ice creams, cookies from yesterday, im sleep and its just 12:26pm))
e) I purcahsed Milk Tisle in small bottle and I drink a detox tea whole day. Preapared 3 green smoothies with kale banana mango. Got some detox salad from whole foods store as well.