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Couch Potato Protocol

Couch Potato Protocol

Dr. Green’s Autoimmune Food Protocol

  Dr. Green’s Autoimmune Food Protocol The goal of eating this way is to promote change through the removal of foods that are,in any possible way, inflammatory. If you cheat you are only making this processslower. As you know, you have made a financial investment in your health and this is where that investment pays off. It’s […]

Daily Routine How To Live Without Diseases, Look Young And Ripped

Based on my 31 year life and experienced gained with working for 2 well known doctors I would like to sumerize everything what I...
Dr. Michael Lustgarten

Dr. Michael Lustgarten – Optimal Health and Longevity Approach 21 Century

As a part of our series covering the varied researchers acting on aging, we tend to finally held with Dr. Michael Lustgarten, author of...