Metformin And Rapamycin Extended Life



Intriguing results with Metformin beyond its dominant role in treating Type 2 diabetes.

Metformin being used for managing obesity.

Individual response to Metformin means it works well in some people and not at all in others.

Data manipulation and analysis companies moving into wellness programs; this could be how Metformin gets commercialized for wellness and life extension.

Initial trial using low dose of Rapamycin in dogs successful with statistically significantly improved heart function; human trials in progress.

For some time I’ve been tracking work on extending healthy lives and longevity, both from a scientific as well as an investment perspective. I indicated that there are a number of biotech startups that start out seeking to extend lifespan, but as a survival mechanism, end up choosing a disease that is more common with age and seeking to address that.

Life extending drugs Metformin and Rapamycin

Previously I’ve highlighted two drugs, Metformin and Rapamycin, developed for specific diseases, which might also extend lifespan as a side effect. Here is an update.


A good summary of the current status of Metformin has been published recently in Endocrine Today. This article describes the history of Metformin development, which has culminated in it being the recommended first-line drug for treating type 2 diabetes both in the US and worldwide. Because it is available as a generic and is cheap to manufacture, this drug could be used as a long term anti-aging drug (~$4 for 1 month supply).

Metformin has a number of positive health effects beyond its use in treating type 2 diabetes, including applications for treating some patients with obesity.

A six year placebo controlled study on 3000 elderly patients is underway to explore Metformin protection of age related disease occurrence. There are indications that Metformin may be protective against growth of cancer cells.

Of course prescribing Metformin as a life extending/quality of life drug is not an immediate prospect, although there have been some studies on a possible life extending action by Metformin.