Dr. Green’s Autoimmune Food Protocol



Dr. Green’s Autoimmune Food Protocol
The goal of eating this way is to promote change through the removal of foods that are,in any possible way, inflammatory. If you cheat you are only making this processslower. As you know, you have made a financial investment in your health and this is where that investment pays off. It’s important to shop for quality food at butcher’s shops,farmers markets, fish markets and natural food stores. The worst foods to cheat with aregoing to be Gluten !heat, “arley, #ye, $alt, %pelt&, ‘airy and %oy proteins. I typically will start adding foods back once we notice a significant change in your symptoms. Thisoccurs in ()* weeks in healthier people and ()* months in sicker people.
Basic Guidelines Not Specific to your Food Sensitivities
+.at ()- small meals per day..$ake sure you eat within /0 minutes of rising in the morning./.Always have a carbohydrate, fat and protein with each meal.(.at twice as many vegetables as fruit over the course of the day. #awvegetables are best if you want to lose weight.1.#emember that eating this way will be new and sometimes a challenge toachieve. 2reparing single servings of food that can be fro3en will save you fromhaving to cook meals when life gets busy.-.2repare large batches of staples like spaghetti sauce and soups for free3ing insingle serve containers. I may not let you eat tomatoes right away so keep thatin mind. If you must reheat food in the microwave, transfer the food to a glasscontainer. 2lastic releases harmful chemicals into your food when heated in amicrowave.4.$eats5 from best to worst&. 6ish, !ild Game venison, bison&, 7hicken, “eef,Turkey, 2ork. ()1 servings of fish a week is recommended. Avoid farm)raisedfish. %moked salmon is acceptable. 8ary the other meats in frequency. 7uredmeats like ham, bacon and sausage can be eaten but not as an everyday staple.9Al 6resco: is a great chicken sausage that is gluten free, dairy free, nitrate free