Daily Routine How To Live Without Diseases, Look Young And Ripped


Based on my 31 year life and experienced gained with working for 2 well known doctors I would like to sumerize everything what I learnt and put everything here what I know so far about healthy living, workout routine and looking young.

  1. We will limit all addictive substance like Nicotine, Sugar and alcohol (it will helps us with a swollen face, looking younger and additional calories which mess with our water retention in our body)
  2. We will drink at least 2 gallons of water daily (1 gallon is recomended)
  3. We will increase testosterone level by taking 3 times per day (Maca, DHEA, FenuGreek, ashwagandha, Omega-3 Fish Oil, Zinc, Ginger, 3,300 UI+Vitamin D, Vitamin C)
  4. Will drink 1 bullet proof coffee per day with hialuronic acid, collagen and MCT Oil
  5. Workout (Creatine, protein – Fish, Lamb, Eggs)
  6. Thyroid (brocoli, DIM, Iodine)
  7. Cognition (L-tyrosine, Ginkgo biloba, Rhodiola Rosea, Panax Ginseng)
  8. DHT (Saw Palmetto, FenuGreek, Creatine, DHEA)
  9. Hair regrowth (Vitamine E, Minoxidil)


Main goals.

  1. reduce bodyfat
  2. gain muscles
  3. get rid of swollen face and look younger
  4. increase cgnitive and be more productive
  5. reduce inflamation and anxiety
  6. remove baldnes


  1. Water & Juice Week – drink a lot of water, clean up your body and start with Hairgrowth
  2. Rebuild Week – Rebuild flora with enzymes, get into final diet and
  3. Testosteron & Massive Workout Week – Start suplementing testosteron and all vitamins supporting muscle mass and losing weight
  4. 4-6th week keep going
  5. Resting and rebuilding 2-3 days – Fix issues and make your rotine efficent and perfect
  6. get back to the cycle for 2 months
  7. Cutting 1 month