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Couch Potato Protocol

Couch Potato Protocol

Dr. Michael Lustgarten

Dr. Michael Lustgarten – Optimal Health and Longevity Approach 21 Century

As a part of our series covering the varied researchers acting on aging, we tend to finally held with Dr. Michael Lustgarten, author of ‘Microbial Burden: a significant explanation for Aging And Age-Related Disease’, and we tend to did this short interview that we hope could also be of interest to you. Hi Mike, are […]

Daily Routine How To Live Without Diseases, Look Young And Ripped

Based on my 31 year life and experienced gained with working for 2 well known doctors I would like to sumerize everything what I...
power outpput increase

How To Increase Power Output at the Gym – Vitamins, Sumplements

Here area few suplements which increase dramatically power outpu during working out Creatine Creatine can be found in some foods, mostly meat, eggs, and fish....
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