It’s been over 4 years since my last blog post. People say that if you’re older than you should be smarter. I would argue with this. The older we get, the smarter we get in some areas we train, work or practice. Life experience is way different than getting smarter in some areas. With the Covid-19 pandemic (1,5 years) and lost money on the stock market, canceling my gym membership I failed in some areas. I have been more successful in other areas. Passing my Real Estate license, right now learning for my NMLS exam and making more money in mortgage I feel more successful. Other areas suffered. I gotta get back to book the one about habits. I have so many projects going on right now. From making my own gym in a basement, finishing my investment property, and renting it to getting my 2nd license and opening my own real estate agency. It’s been a ride in the past 4 years. From meeting my love and buying a house to spending over 2,5 years with her, arguing sometimes, and spending good times in LA, Florida with her.

Right now

Smoke 2 cigs today, testing nicotine patches so hopefully will go for about 2-3 weeks and after that, i will try again to quit using Chantex. Gained around 25pounds, my stomache is pissing my off. I’m getting weaker and less handsome.

Great Idea

The sooner we are financially independent than better, meaning getting over 150k per year residual income thanks to which anybody can do whatever want, spending time with family friends and on hobbies. I feel I can do it through 3 things, selling tires, doing mortgages or writing a algotrading script for Robinhood.

It’s Not a Laziness, It’s Just a Foggy Mind

In the office, I work under pressure with a joy pushing as much work as possible running like a chicken with a cut-off head sometimes, not thinking about just doing.

At home, I’m always tired, After 6pm unable to push things, maybe some emergency like helping my parents with a sewer or when i have smth scheduled, that time I’m just doing it without thinking about other things.

I have so many things on my plate, from calling my CPA about taxes to sending checks for property taxes and paying utilities. A foggy mind means no responsibility.

I wish I could fix everything, but there is no time in a day, or maybe there is just an excuse. I don’t know. Hopefully next week will be better.