Getting “Reviewed”

Amazon Reviews

Someone pointed out to me that a person posted a review on Amazon of my new book on Mormonism, giving it one star. I checked it out. Here is the full review:

I have not read this yet but have read about the author’s stand on what he believes about Mormonism and he thinks Christians and Mormons have the Same Jesus. If that doesn’t say it all, I do not know what is. This man claims to know what a cult is but does not even recognise one that has been put right in front of his face!!! If you doubt me, read his blog. […] and now if that is not enough. Read his CNN article […] Now, my advice to true born again Christians to save your dollar and no worry he will get rich on the sale of this book by selling it to Mormons.

I am reminded of Rob Bell’s response to the folks who condemned Love Wins without reading it. He said something like this in an online recording: “Hi, I’m Rob Bell. I am an evangelical. I am not a universalist. And I don’t review books I have not read.”