How To Get Rid Of The Celiac Disease – By Avoiding Gluten Food


Gluten is associated withdiseases, including cancer, depression, almost all autoimmune disorders and autism. Gluten is a mixture of vegetable protein present in the cereal grains, mainly wheat, rye and barley. “Gluten-free” grain, however, contain other harmful proteins, confusingly similar to gluten (read more: cereals harm). Points pure gluten chewing gum, thereby providing flexibility and structure of the dough. Interestingly, gluten present in trace amounts in the wild cereals, and people through selective breeding varieties have received substantial content. Original cakes derived from primary grains are hard and brittle, and it is gluten provides fluffiness, soft and flexible, which is so valued in the modern bread. Unfortunately, our ancestors did not know, that choosing cereals with a higher gluten content literally they shot themselves in the foot. Gluten is a protein, but It is not for us to greater nutritional value, because our stomachs are a big problem, to digest it. Despite emerging periodically to media reports – non-celiac gluten-related disorders actually exist (sources: 1 i 2), and increased intestinal permeability under the influence of the gluten present in each and every human (source) While the media often repeat the myth of the harmlessness of gluten, This truth is, the gluten damages the intestines of all people, although some are not too visible symptoms. Most of us react negatively to gluten, However, the symptoms are very general and very hard to associate with its consumption. gluten causes:

  • malabsorption – Gluten involves some micronutrients and blocks the absorption of food we need many ingredients: inter alia iron, calcium, zinc, Selene, vitamin D. The result is anemia, weakness of the body, poor physical condition, hormonal imbalance, fertility problems.
  • autoimmune response – Gluten irritates the immune system and causes the body to attack its own tissues, mainly skin cells, the nervous system and the gut lining. The result is a weakening of the immune (immune system, busy attacking the gut, can “miss” pathogenic microbes), autoimmune diseases (for example,. Hashimoto), skin (acne), swing hormone and reduced absorption of nutrients from food through the intestines weakened, what the symptoms are very general: weakness of the body, anemia, somnolence, poor physical condition, sleep problems, etc. If you would like to check and see if these diseases are already in your DNA and you may be pre-disposed to any of them, you might want to look at DNA testing Seattle or in an area closer to you to double check.
  • enterocolitis – Attack the body’s own intestines causing lasting summers inflammation of the small intestine. Besides the already mentioned weakening of the body and impaired absorption of long-lasting inflammation contribute to bowel cancer.
  • chronic inflammation survey They show, that gluten causes lasting even decades inflammation throughout the body (no need to have to celiac disease). It is the inflammation cause innumerable diseases, including atherosclerosis, that is, the deposition of cholesterol in their blood vessels damaged (read more: Cholesterol).
  • greater appetite – The digestion of gluten emit opiate-like substances (for example,. morphine), which stimulate the receptors in the brain responsible for “being stoned”. It causes, that our brains associate foods with gluten greater pleasure and is demanding more and more food, than it really needs.
  • straight – A person with antibodies specific to gluten intolerance are adopted more often for cancer of the digestive system, liver, or bile duct and live shorter lives than people without these antibodies – so, gluten shortens life.
  • brain damage – are survey showing, that people who are allergic to gluten consumption damages the brain, especially white solid. In addition, gluten intensifies symptoms and is associated with schizophrenia (survey, survey), epilepsj? (survey), Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • 55 diseases It is directly linked to the consumption of gluten (survey), including cancer, Almost all autoimmune diseases (for example,. Hashimoto), osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, autism, depression… If left untreated, these ailments could significantly impact a person’s life. Health problems such as multiple sclerosis and depression can be managed by alternative medication like CBD oil, in order for these symptoms to be controlled. Avoiding gluten altogether could prevent these problems from occurring in the first place.
  • higher risk of death – Those who are sensitive to gluten May 4 times greater risk of death on the popular civilization disease

Malabsorption of nutrients leading to many other diseases, even osteoporosis. Hormones cause deregulated depression, obesity, problems with sleeping, fertility and indirectly many other diseases, for example,. Obesity leads to cardiovascular disease. The weakened body does not have the strength to fight disease states, which gradually destroy it, leading to a significant deterioration of health and premature death – so, people hypersensitive to gluten, and still it eaters, die much earlier! Most (60-70%) people can no major problems to eat gluten, and despite damaged intestinal him as intolerant, but It works for many toxic. The symptoms are very general, a weakness, lack of sleep, skin problems or fertility and similar diseases are a sign of our times, and can be caused by many factors, So few people it is associated with the fact of eating gluten. About 1% the white population suffers from celiac disease – a disease caused by the consumption of gluten, But this is just the tip of the iceberg. It is impossible to determine exactly, which part of the population is sensitive to gluten, in various sources meet values of 5% do 50%, though the most reliable value is approximately 10%. Doctors believe, that celiac disease can be diagnosed a simple blood test, but they do not know, that these tests give a negative result even in 70% patients (They detect less than every third patient). The harmfulness of gluten is sometimes invisible for many years and the vast majority of people are sensitive to gluten not know about it and eating bread several times a day, with every bite ruining their health more and more. This is why if you suspect you may be intolerant to gluten, you do a gluten sensitivity test
as soon as possible. Is estimated, that only 10-15% cases of celiac disease and only 1% gluten intolerance is diagnosed! To properly diagnose gluten-related disorders unrelated to celiac disease it is necessary to study 24 antibody, However, most doctors is limited to 2. Thanks to the media and the doctors, patients often do not believe, that there is such a thing as gluten-related disorders and do not even try to give up eating cereal. Firm Cyrex Labs, which carries some of the most accurate in the world of food intolerance testing, argues, that 25% has studied a form of gluten-sensitive – but remember, that the majority of respondents there is suffering from chronic diseases, So this is not a representative sample. More about unconnected with gluten intolerance to gluten can read (in English) in these articles: 1 i 2. The antibodies resulting from immune responses attack the intestines gluten (because there gluten enters the body) and thyroid (the antibodies will recognize it as gluten). In the latter case, this leads to an autoimmune hypothyroidism, or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Despite the still existing doubt not only a large part of society, but also doctors in the existence of gluten intolerance, research (link, link, link, link, link), which clearly show, that hypersensitivity to gluten non-celiac disease is not an invention. You do not really exist “grain gluten-free”. Gluten is the most common and well-known, but this is not one specific protein, but their mixture, and that this is merely representative of the entire group of cereal proteins, similar to each other, and similarly affecting our body. Here cereals and problematic proteins together with their percentage in the total proteins of these cereals (source):

  • wheat – gliadin (69%)
  • rye – sekalina (secalinin, 30%-50%, the most insensitive of gliadin)
  • barley – hordein (46%-52%, Also thrown into one bag of wheat gluten)
  • owies – awenina (16%, called oat gluten)
  • corn – zein (55%, called corn gluten)
  • proso – panicyna (panicin, 40%)
  • Rice – orzenina (orzenin, 5%)
  • sorghum – kafiryna (Kafir, 52%)

Many of these proteins are very poorly studied. Wheat gliadin is one of the most common (and probably the worst), but due to their similarity other proteins can also harm us. There is a lack of research on this topic, but it seems, the most common is allergic to wheat protein, rye and barley, sometimes it happens also on the protein oats or corn, and least often are hypersensitive to millet, rice or sorghum. The latter is considered as safe and a lot of people are sensitive to gluten, if you really want, You can eat them without serious symptoms, but people with autoimmune diseases must avoid all cereals without exception. Cereals We do not provide anything unique and can be safely excluded from the diet.

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Science, however, is still not solved all the riddles surrounding gluten. we know, that pickling leaven causes changes in the structure of gluten (source), by which it operates somewhat less allergic. It is however not known until the end of, with whom it works, and in whom we. we know, that some of us have oral bacteria (from the family Rothia), that degrade gluten (source), However, it is not clear, how it affects people with food hypersensitivity. Are foods marked with the crossed swords, a gluten-free are safe? No, even if the composition does not have the wheat, It may contain other cereals, proteins which are similar to the wheat gluten. Gluten-free ready meals almost always contain rice, corn or oats. Therefore, for some people sensitive to gluten and similar proteins gluten-free foods officially, there are no solution. The only solution is to completely abandon the eating cereal and any exposure to the harmful protein. Gluten is everywhere, not only in the cereals. Today, use of cereals containing gluten to produce almost everything:

  • Finished food / fast food – almost all ready soups, sauces, dressingi, canned, dishes and foods containing gluten
  • food powder
  • beer
  • some spices, baking powder
  • some medications, including vitamin
  • cosmetics, for example,. lipstick
  • glue on stamps and envelopes
  • wafer, visitors
  • some probiotics (link)
  • Dough and similar toys
  • supplements of brewer’s yeast (other yeasts do not contain gluten)
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Gluten in a product is usually hidden, You can meet him under the names:

  • wheat (any), barley, rye
  • wheat flour, rye
  • Mowing manna
  • semolina
  • kamut
  • seitan

In addition, the gluten can include the following components:

  • modified starch (and all other components containing the words “starch” or “starch”)
  • stabilizer, thickener
  • malt, syrup or malt extract, malt flour
  • maltose
  • emulsifier
  • protein (proteins) vegetable
  • dekstryna it maltodekstryna
  • soy sauce

In addition, due to the common processing on wheat, often contaminated wheat gluten products are, that it should not contain:

  • oat
  • mouth
  • maize
  • proso (it comes millet)
  • quinoa (quinoa)
  • rice
  • Soy (which still is poison, So we should not anyway at all to eat)

Since gluten no nutritional value, harm many, and can not easily tell who, the best solution is a temporary total elimination of grain from the diet for the duration 2-3 months, and then re-introduction. Watch out for hidden sources of gluten! remember, even with resignation 99% gluten intake can sometimes does not give the expected results – eating gluten is like pregnancy – or they are gluten (any, even a minimal amount), or it is not them. Some try to gluten-free diet, but they still have contact with gluten in cosmetics, or drugs and it may be sufficient, to intolerance symptoms did not subside. Such a person is considered, that it does not improve, So supposedly tolerate gluten and returns to eat it from morning to evening. Remember, too, that being allergic or hypersensitive to gluten can also result cross-reactions bad reaction to:

  • dairy, not only cow (egg is not dairy)
  • Cocoa and chocolate
  • kawa
  • all grain (including rice and maize) i pseudozbo?a (mouth, komosa / split, amarant/szar?at)
  • sezam, hemp and teff (tef)
  • yeast
  • potatoes and tapioca (maniok)
  • Soy
  • eggs

Many people, however, at the very beginning of this test sees a clear improvement (not necessarily caused by the gluten, wheat and other cereals contain a lot of allergenic substances) and joins the paleo world. Paleo diet completely eliminates grain and other, hidden sources of gluten, making it ideal for all sensitive to gluten – Both, who knows that, and those, they that have not yet know.