4 big steps to recover from Google Panda downgrade at SES SF with Jim Boykin

steps to recover from google panda

On August 16th, Jim Boykin, CEO and Link Building Ninja, of We Build Pages Internet Marketing Services spoke on Advanced Link Building, Panda Solutions, and SEO Tools in San Francisco.

I was particularly interested in what he had to say about Panda Solutions and Jim did NOT disappoint.

Boykin was very generous with his knowledge and insights. He stayed well after the 1 hour session to answer questions. Following that, he patiently addressed one-by-one a long line of individuals. Well done, Jim!

The solutions, Bill! The solutions!


Not to give away the farm, elsewise folk would not be apt to attend an SES (Search Engine Strategy) Conference, here are 4 take aways.


1. Get rid of all 301 redirects. No, don’t leave the links broken. Either remove the pages completely or refill them with good quality content. 301s are a temporary fix, not a permanent one.

2. Check all backlinks to your site. Remove dead links and low-quality links. I checked this morning and was appalled to learn that I had almost 22K backlinks to one of my sites and more than 7K of them were broken. Guai bu de!

Once you’ve done this, start a link building campaign to build your numbers back up. Make sure you’re only looking for links from high-quality sites but remember, don’t try to target just the authority sites for your guest posts.

3. Remove all duplicate content from your site.

4. Combine short articles/posts of a related nature into one or more larger article to give your readers more substance and more time on site.

Start with these four and you will be well on your way to recovering any previous mojo you had in the Search Engines. Keeping in mind, that if you weren’t hit by Panda, then you ain’t nobody (almost). Folk hit by Panda were those who knew how things worked until G changed the rules. Folk who don’t want to get hit might consider the above before moving forward.

Thanks again, Jim, for sharing generously.