The Stubborn Fat Protocol 2.0

The Stubborn Fat Protocol 2.0

The Fastes Way To Loss Bell Fat

I’ve been using this approach for 4 months and I lost over 20 pounds. This is the best way of losing weight and saving time. It works best with HIIT training listed here. You shouldn’t do more often than 3 times a week. I was too crazy and was doing it for 5-6 days straight in the morning. I was fasting for 16 window as well. It’s really devasting for your body and you’re really hungry the next day. If you survive you will have amazing results. I cured my thyroid issue and a bunch of other things thanks to losing weight and cutting fat in my body.

    • Can be done fasted or not. If not, try to do it at least 3 hours after eating.
    • Can take caffeine (100-200 mg), oral yohimbine (0.2 mg/kg), L-tyrosine (1-3 grams) 30 minutes before hand.
    • 5-10 minute easy warm-up. This will drop insulin if you’ve eaten beforehand.
    • 5 minutes of short intervals.
      • Five repeats of 10-15 seconds at near maximum intensity (RPE of 9-10),
      • 45-50 seconds recovery done at a very low intensity.
      • Ideally do this on a machine you don’t usually use.
      • If you have amazing work capacity and recovery, you can increase this to 10 minutes of total intervals.
    • Rest for 5 minutes.
    • 20-40 minutes of steady state cardio at a low to moderate intensity, 130-140 HR or an RPE of about 3-4.

This should be done on whatever cardio machine you typically use since you’ll generally be able to burn the most calories for a given heart rate this way.

    • 5-10 minutes of long intervals.

Along the lines of 5X30 seconds on/30 seconds off up to a maximum of 5X1 minute on/1 minute off.
RPE 7-8 (higher for the shorter intervals and lower for the longer intervals) and don’t hesitate to cut volume or duration if your legs are fried. These intervals can be done on the machine of your choice, it can be the same one you did the steady state cardio on or a different piece if you prefer.

  • 3-5 minutes easy cooldown.
  • Feel free to eat a normal diet meal afterwards, at least have a protein shake if you’re not hungry.

– (c) Lyle McDonald. Please buy and read his books!

The Stubborn Fat Protocol 2.0