Quiting Cigarets in 2018

how to quit smokig in 2018

Tow main factors why I’m quitting

  1. Met a woman, she was 45 years old, she told me that she hates smokers, bad breath, covering face when hugging someone.
  2. Feels depressed, asking about the sense of life every day. Figure out what to be happy you have to do everyday smth which will let you be happy in long run like quitting smoking, taking care of the diet and meeting with girls to have a successful relationship.
  3. HIIT training kills me, cannot breath. It feels like I’m going to die.
  4. I want to have fucking nice hair!!
  5. I cannot sleep at night, I wake up at 2:00pm feeling stressed
  6. Because of loosing weight in 2017, Im so happy to wear pants 30×30 and looking fit. Meeting with mroe woman keeps me motivated.


New Year Resolutions

  1. Vacation in Europe, Ukraine, Poland or Paris
  2. Go to Thailand
  3. Be at 160lbs and cut
  4. tatoo
  5. Find love of my life
  6. buy and apartment
  7. originate first loan
  8. build back + neck ratio