8 Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

8 Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

As marketers, we all know how great email marketing is at bringing a hefty return on our investments. If you don’t feel like you’re getting the full return on your investment, these tips will help your company get better results. Continue reading this article to learn eight tips to make your email marketing more effective. Whether you’re marketing law firms, hair salons, or broker agencies, marketing is essential so making it as productive as possible is vital.

There is always something you can do to increase the results you get with your email marketing efforts. Even a small change can increase the results you get, so don’t miss out on any of these tips. You might also be interested in online resources that can help you improve the overall marketing of your business. Fortunately, there are programs such as The Profit League that can help you with your marketing. If you would like to know more you can check out this the profit league review online as well as the following tips below.

  1. Invest in Great Copy

It doesn’t matter how many people you have opening your emails if they aren’t interested in what you have to say. If you look at the most successful companies that are winning at the email marketing game, they’ve learned how to write compelling copy.

Even if your business topic is considered “boring,” if you learn how to implement great copywriting techniques, you can get people’s attention. Whether you learn to copywrite yourself or if you decide to hire a copywriter, you can win big when you know how to talk to your audience.

  1. A/B Split Testing

Don’t assume your strategies are the best strategies. Instead of assuming what you are doing is as good as it gets, you should do split testing. You can do A/B testing with almost anything. Some of the things you can split test are:

  • Subject Lines
  • Images
  • Copy
  • Layout
  • Content Length

Make sure you only test one thing at a time, or you won’t know which of the changes made the difference.

  1. Keep Your List Clean

Email marketing returns great results when you follow best practices, and one of them is to keep your email list clean by using an email validation platform. Many of the email addresses you gather become useless after a while – people abandon them or change their jobs. You don’t want to send emails to an address that no one ever checks anymore, so make the most of email validation and email verification.

The costs for cleaning your list are much smaller than the price you pay for using a messy database. If you keep emailing obsolete and erroneous addresses, your sender score decreases. Internet Service Providers will become reluctant to deliver your emails, so even your genuine, active subscribers will be deprived of your content. Email validation tools remove inactive and invalid contacts, thus helping you reach your target: the inbox. So validate your email list periodically – every two months, and before every important campaign.

  1. Nudge People That Haven’t Bought in a While

When you have a list of people that haven’t bought in a while, you are in a great place to get a surge of customers. There are a few ways to reactivate these customers and get them into the habit of buying from your company.

You should keep in mind that these customers may not remember they made purchases from your company. Often people make a purchase and go on about their day without a thought of who they bought what from.

When you email these customers to reactivate them, you need to remind them they purchased from you before. When you remind clients that they purchased from you before, they are more likely to buy from you because they already have trust built with your company.

You can remind them they bought through you by sending a simple thank you for being a customer and reminding them what they bought. If you can include a photo, that is even better than sending only text.

  1. Use Seasonality to Your Advantage

If you don’t have a seasonal product, you might not think this applies to you, but you can still use this tip to help your business.

When it gets near to a holiday, you need to learn how to tell a story around your product that will get people to want it for Valentine’s day, Christmas or whatever other holiday it is. You might have special packaging or a discount on products because of the holiday.

People are used to getting extra promotions around the holidays and oftentimes are looking for promotions so don’t miss out on this important tip. Create your content well in advance, so you don’t miss out on this optimal promotion period.

  1. Do Additional Recon

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the competition and other companies even out of your niche. Find the companies that are winning at their email marketing game and see what they are doing. You don’t have to completely copy their strategies, but you can get some great ideas from their best practices.

When you are doing your recon on other companies and their email marketing strategies, don’t follow their lead blindly. If you don’t see a reason why they do something, you should either leave it alone or find out the reason behind the strategy.

You don’t want to clog your work email with these promotions. Simply create a free email through a service like Gmail. You can even set up filters so you can automatically put the emails into different folders for your review.

  1. Write Subject Lines that Make People Want to Open

You can’t get results if people aren’t opening your emails. When writing email subject lines, make sure they are short, sweet and to the point. Use numbers in your subject lines when you can.

Personalizing emails you send to your subscriber list might seem like a no-brainer, but many people forget to go back to the basics. When people see their name in the email subject line, they are more likely to remember subscribing to your email list.

  1. Consider Where Subscribers Will Be Reading Your Content

When you create your content, you need to keep in mind that not everyone will be reading the email on the same devices. Some people will read your email on phones, other tablets, and others on desktops. These differences in reading platforms shouldn’t make their experiences any less enjoyable.

Most autoresponders help you with your design by making it easy to format your content in a way that will serve all devices well. If you aren’t using one of the main email sending services, you may want to check and see how your emails show up on devices. Major companies often give you previews on many different devices as well as browsers and email service providers.

Get the Most out of Your Email List

Your email list is a valuable asset your company owns. When you have an active list of subscribers that loves getting your content, you are in a very good position. Make sure to keep your email list clean and active for the best results. Use our services to make your list cleaning quick and easy by visiting our services page.